What Does a Trichologist Do?

The procedure of collecting the hair samples is non-invasive, accurate and 100% safe.

The procedure of collecting the hair samples is non-invasive, accurate and 100% safe.

Trichologist are specialist with either a Dermatology or Cosmotology background who have taken further study into the Science of Trichology.  Therefore, they are able to diagnose and treat hair & scalp issues.  The Miret Trichologists are from the Cosmotology branch, with decades of experience working with all manner of Hair related issues.

Trich0logists perform a test know as "Hair Analysis", were we will gently remove 10 individual hairs, including the hair bulb, and initiate a Morphological/ Trichological hair analysis under a high resolution microscope. We go to the root of the problem were the cellular mitosis is formed.

We create a Trichological report in a Trichogram form.  Based upon the findings of the Hair Analysis, our trichologists may recommend treatments to reverse the causes of Alopecia.  Such as Hair Detoxification, Scalp Exfoliation, Stress Therapy, (Electro Therapy), Low Light Laser therapy, application of topical formulations to the hair, and scalp/nutritional changes.  Chemical processes, environmental issues, nutritional issues, and any other factors that can affect hair integrity are covered by our Hair Analysis and are included in our recommendations.

In the event we find the Androgenetic cause of hair loss, which is caused by genetic heritage, we can try to postpone the prematurirty of this particular Alopecia.  Hair already affected with these kind of alopecia will fall out before they can complete their normal hair cycle.  However, taking the right measurements before the issue has time to progress might give the bulbs affected a longer life.