Keratin Treatment


Our Hair Analysis system helps clients to understand the behavior of the hair from a microscopic point of view which bring information to help clients to take decisions about how to treat their hair from an individual approach.

Sometimes, making some adjustments in the use of hair cleaning products or Styling tools, helps to correct unwanted hair behavior without the necessity of further treatments like Keratin procedures.

Knowing that Keratin treatments are the right way to go due of what the hair analysis shows up, we can direct clients to the right ones, based on the strength of the Keratin to be used and the wishes of the client.

Over porous hair, frizzy, unmanageable with mixed pattern of waves can be corrected with different strength of Keratin Treatments.


First, do a Hair Analysis

Second, based in the information provided, you are in control to decide which Keratin treatment fits better for your wishes, condition, and type of hair.

Do you also care about the environment?

If your wishes and hair qualifies for it, you can get an Organic Keratin Treatment, Formaldehyde free andMethanol safe product.