Whenever choosing a specialist that is going to deal with your body and health, you have to be certain that they are qualified and capable.  Miret Trichology Institute has the experience and track record that you can depend on.



solid history and proven track record

Miret Trichology Institute has over 17 years performing Trichological Hair Analysis.  This makes us the oldest Trichology firm in South Florida and one of oldest in the nation.  Due to it's many benefits, trichology has started to gain mass popularity.  Unfortunately, many of the companies that offer services are new to the field (only 1-2 years) and only know the basics, investing a minimal amount of resources to fully understanding this complex and amazing science.


unique procedures and exams

Like we mentioned above we have been doing this for a long time.  Our specialist are not just licensed Trichologists, they are Master Trichologists.  Dedicating decades of study in this field.  We have used this expertise to create unique procedures and techniques only found at Miret.  Our superior techniques deliver superior results.



Better exams = Better Solutions

17 years in the industry and thousands of happy customers can't be wrong.  We have a long established history of helping customers to treat and cure hair issues (hair loss, damaged hair, scalp issues, etc).  As mentioned above, our own created techniques provide exams at a higher level than other firms, providing higher results.


We treat you like family

Let's be honest results are what really matter but how you are treated can be a close second.  With a warm smile and a friendly tone, our trichologist will make you feel like you are part of the family.  And at Miret Tricholoy Institute, our clients are our family.