Homeopathy vs Allopathic

One of the first visual symptoms that alert us that something is wrong with our health is the Hair.  The hair is a fountain of information, a cumulus of keratinized cells that register data.  As Certified Trichologists, we are able to understand and interpret this data.  An example of this is being able to use this data to help clients to recover, slow down, or prevent hair loss.

Our body is designed to warn us at a very early stage when there is a problem and based on our knowledge, we can either respond to this message or try to ignore the symptoms by using OTC.

All symptoms of disease are the early manifestations of an underlying condition. Today's medical doctors are trained to examine the cause of the symptoms, identify the disease and then treat with the best suited available remedy. Unfortunately the results are seldom properly analyzed due to both financial and time constraints. So the patient is largely treated for the symptoms and not the disease. If the underlying problem has not been addressed, the symptoms (like hair loss or hair damage) will likely return.

Our Trichological Hair Analysis supports non-invasive techniques to collect valuable data.  This data allows us to identify destructive aspects in the hair cells that lead to Alopecia and other ailments.  Homeopathy can use this information to complete the diagnosis and to create a plan to correct different those health issues.