Trichological Hair Analysis

Trichological Trichogram

Trichological Trichogram

Most Hair problems start at a young age and correcting them early is critical to having healthy hair for life. 

As part of the diagnosis, a Trichologist may analyze the hair microscopically and/or have it analyzed for its mineral levels.  The hair is completely examined from root to tip.  This includes the bulb that resides beneath the scalp.

The end goal of a Trichological Hair Analysis is to provide patients with a snapshot of their hair health at the time of the exam.  This includes:

  • Assess structural damage under the scalp (both inside and outside of the follicle)
  • Establish the rate of hair loss
  • Determine the underlying causes of the issues
  • Confirm the presence of fungus or hair infections
  • Identify genetic influences of hair abnormalities

In order to provide the most comprehensive examination possible, the Trichologist at Miret Trichology Institute might require additional tests in the form of: Blood Test, Urine Test, and/or Saliva Test.