Every year millions of Men and Women suffer from hair related issues: Alopecia (Hair Loss/Baldness), Thinning Hair, Damaged Hair, and Scalp Issues.  And every year these same Men and Women spend millions of dollars and countless hours on treatments that will not help their specific condition, only to receive heartache and disappointment.  But there is a solution (see below):


At Miret Trichology Institute our licensed specialist will Identify the Cause of Your Hair Ailment and create a Personalized Treatment Plan designed to Save your Hair.  Hair and Scalp Issues can have a multitude of causes and each of these causes can require several different treatments.  Only by identifying the root cause of your hair problems, are you able to properly treat and cure your hair ailments.

Miami's oldest and most respected hair clinic, with over 17 years performing Trichological hair exams and truly a pioneer in the industty.  Miret Trichology Institute has helped thousand of individuals to prevent, slow down, or reverse hair loss.  Additionally, we have treated countless others with moderate to severely damaged hair and other scalp issues.

Consultations at MTC are a stress free affair.  Customers can expect a one on one personal consultation in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Our clients have commented that appointments feel like they are asking advice from a family friend (who just happens to be a leading expert in the hair sciences).