Hair Re-Alignment (RAC)

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It is very frequent that during our Hair Analysis investigation we find hair so week that it’s necessary to advise our clients to avoid any chemical process until the hair can recuperate it's strength.

More than 90% of your hair weight comes from it's Cortex.  The elasticity & color can change with each chemical process as a result of unique protein structures being altered with each modifications (ex Hair Straightening, Perms, Color, Hight Lights, etc).  These changes greatly affect it's general health and creates a swallow, porous look to its exterior layer (cuticle).

Any hair process that alters the hair's basic molecular structure must be reversed to maintain its optimal vitality and healthy look.  To avoid damage to the hair that has been processed chemically, it must be restored to its original structure from the inside out.  This is due to the swallows-expand effect that happens upon chemical contact.

What RE-ALIGNMENT PROCESS does is to contract the hair, fixing chemicals bonds that were altered and transforming hair back to its original size (improving both color and texture).

Many Cosmetologist without Trichology training are not aware of the importance of the process of Re-Alignment after a chemical application, this is why we see so many people with damaged, frizzy, and dull hair. "The time has come for clients to look at expansion, or swelling as the Number One problem in conditioning the hair, and to be aware that contraction must be the only solution".

The Re- Alignment RAC is a two-step technique . The first step consists of contracting the hair and the second involves the use of specific humectants/ moisturizers for importing smoothness moisture and luster.  The re-alignment conditioner (RAC) is necessary after you alter the hair
structure permanently.


First, do our Hair Analysis before a chemical service since your hair could be week to endure permanent modifications, the risk for extreme hair damage could be very high and, could lead to hair breakage and, color discoloration among others hair issues.

Second  ask your Cosmetologist for the Re- Alignment treatment and in the event they do not carry it on, we can ship it to you.